The Conventions of the Game:

All players of Vexillium Classic have an understanding to conduct themselves according to the traditional conventions of the Game.  A guide to these conventions is posted on this page - this is a work in progress!  Repeated blatant disregard for the conventions of the Game may result in the removal of membership privileges.
Fellowship and respect: 
This game is NOT about wars and conquest, it is about fellowship between the players, and creative fun and interaction.  Do not necessarily make it your goal to inflame conflicts, verbally attack other nations, or cause diplomatic and military stirs.  If a person stumbles across Vexillium, they should be able to surf through a variety of imaginative web sites and say "wow, this is really something" - a wealth of creativity that presents each person's nation(s) in as much detail as possible.   This planet focuses on "internal and national development", "plot and story", "quality web sites" and "quality interactions", and most of all "RESPECT" for your fellow players, NOT impromptu military maneuvers, provoking of incidents, grandstanding, and quantity over quality.   RESPECT IS RULE ONE!

In-game and <TECH>:
All mail sent to the eGroups lists or all players is presumed to be "in-game" or "in-character", unless clearly marked <TECH>.  <TECH> tags explain out-of-character what we mean, when explanation and comparisons to earth are necessary.  Anything that is written between <TECH> and </TECH> tags is considered out-of-game... so basically in this way, you can write whatever you like to explain things too complicated for in-game communications, or to make personal comments.  Be sure to include these tags when you write 'as yourself' to us all, versus 'as ruler of your nation'.  "TECH" messages can also be used to explain matters that can not be explained "in-game" (for example, disclosing to all players that a current event is inspired by such-and-such, or that it is scripted in collaboration with another player/nation, etc.).  TECH should be used wisely.  Players should take great care not to blur the lines between "in-game" and "TECH", as this can lead to confusion and often misunderstandings and even resentment amongst players.  "In-game" and "TECH" can be mixed in the same message, but the "TECH" portion shall be clearly marked with <TECH> and </TECH> tags.  Also: be able to differentiate between in-game (country-to-country) and tech (player-to-player). If you're mad at another country (or "character") in the game, fine. But don't start making personal attacks on that player!  Be open to constructive criticism from your peers in the game, and try to never take anything in the game personally. Afterall, it's supposed to be fun!

Interferance with other player's nations:
Players are not to make claims about, or interfere with, another player's nation, without either getting previous approval ("scripted" event), or being prepared to fully back off immediately, once the other player informs them that they do not approve (players are not to repeatedly annoy other players with outrageous and damaging claims about the other players' nations.  An occasional impromptu maneuvre can be interesting, however, players shall at all times use their utmost judgment in such situations.  If the affected player announces their disapproval at the maneuvre (this should happen in private, off-list), the maneuvering player is required to completely diffuse their move through using such excuses as "transmission error", "rogue message", etc. - failure to do so may result in suspension of membership.) - an example using Dave Harper's Neoliliana:  if you were to send Dave an e-mail and say,  I have this great idea for a nice plot, we'll have a Neoliliani secret agent assassinate [one country's]  president, and then [that country] will get angry and send its fleet over to Neoliliana and shell its harbours...well, I can say "That's a great idea!  Let's go with it!"  Or I could say "Nnoo, that doesn't make any sense, Neoliliana wouldn't do that," or I could say "Gee, I'm sorry,  but I'm really busy right now.  Maybe you could get someone else to help you?  I hear Djeriga has great marksmen."   If you do not ask Dave for permission before hand, and still go through with your idea of the assassination, and Dave tells you he does not want this, you MUST revoke your story and claim it to be transmitted in error!  For scripted events, nobody except you, the other players involved, and (in the case of war) the Planet Master needs to know it's scripted.   However, be aware that nations may react to your storyline in-character.  They must be prepared in that case to back off, if their impromptu participation in your script causes trouble for the script itself.  Or it may be possible to use your imagination - there may be a way to re-plan the script on the fly, adapting to the impromptu action.  It's a game where you get to play with your own country, not anybody else's, without permission.  A simple E-mail saying "Hey, do you mind if I use <whatever> for....?" usually works just fine, and most players will gladly agree.

Should two or more players "agree to disagree" in a subject matter that will lead their nations to war, and should they not be able to agree on an outcome of the war, the Planet Master will determine a means of determining the outcome of the war(s).  Wars should only be used as the ultimate means of conflict when all other methods have failed to resolve a disagreement between nations.  Players MUST remember that disagreement "in-game" is not equal to disagreement "out-of-game", i.e. statements made against a nation in game should not be personal, and should also not be conceived as being personal!  Do NOT blur that line, as it often results in resentment and misunderstandings leading to bad blood between players!  Permanently neutral nations shall not be involved in a war.
Web pages:
Each player is responsible for maintaining their OWN web page to a level of reasonable detail, presenting their nation in the showcase of Vexillium's countries.  Web sites should include information about the nation's history, culture, geography (maps!), flags, economy, sports, diplomacy, government, military, ImagiNations logo and link back to the main Vexillium pages, etc., etc. - there is no limit as to how much detail you can develop any aspect of your nation - be creative and present your nation to the world!  If you think about joining: this is a WEB based game!  If you do not know how to build a web page and don't know some basic drawing and internet skills, please think twice before you join!  IF YOU ARE THINKING OF JOINING VEXILLIUM, TAKE A LOOK AT THE EXISTING PLAYERS WEB SITES:  IF YOU CAN NOT MATCH OR EXCEED THE QUALITY OF AT LEAST THE "BOTTOM" 33% OF THESE SITES (IN TERMS OF QUALITY), IT MAY BE DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO GAIN ADMISSION!

Disclosure of identity:
Players must not apply for territory under a false name, or using an alias, especially when they already own other territory on Vexillium.  Background checks will be performed to verify the identity of each new applicant.  Each player must have a verifiable permanent email address.  Free email accounts, such as Yahoo or Hotmail can be used for game play, however, the PM/APM must have a permanent email address on file for each player.  Breaking this trust of identity is a serious offense!  If a player is determined to have illegaly obtained territory using an alias or false name, that player will be expelled from Vexillium, and lose all territory.  This has happened before!  Ideally, all players should be playing with their permanent email addresses.

Mailing list participation:
Each player must sign up to the discussion forum;  this is a mailing list, and is used by all active players to relay messages to each other.  The list is a happening place, and if you are signed up, you will be up-to-date about what is happening in the game.  Every new player MUST sign on to this list!  Existing players are expected to report to the list every so often to reaffirm their active participation in the game.  Players who are not heard from for months may be subject to elimination.
Mailing list etiquette:
Players shall use the eGroups mailing lists appropriately - players shall not send messages to the entire group that are of concern to only one or two members (for example, diplomatic exchanges, or personal comments (such as "good job on that new web site", or follow-ups between individual governments, committments to participate in events, etc.).  Players shall never use the eGroups list for personal attacks, or to take out out-of-game disagreements in public.  No one is interested in a public pissing match between two disagreeing parties - use personal email to work things out!  Players who violate this rule will be put on "moderated" mode.  Repeated violation will result in revoking of membership.

Sports mailing list:
Players shall use the mailing list for all sports related posts, UNLESS they announce a major event, or participation from all players.  Follow-ups to such posts should be directed to the vexsports list, however.

You're allowed to be interesting all you want within your own country, so long as you stay in genre - no aliens, no magic, no science fiction, no suddenly modern, huge military, and so on. Claiming any such things will be seen as propaganda, not truth, by other nations, and is mostly annoying to other players.  This game stands out through 'realism' - this means that this is not a planet of Dragons, Elfs, Gmorks, Darth Vaders, etc., but a planet that is very similar to earth.  Vexillium is slightly ahead of earth in some matters, such as technology, and behind in others, but generally pretty close.  So please do not claim Alien contacts, space colonies, or other science fiction or fantasy stuff - some high-tech and 'mysterious' stuff  is of course OK, as it exists on earth as well, if it is appropriate for your nation.  What is appropriate?  Depends on the size and disposition of your territory.  If you have a small piece of land, try to be reasonable in terms of population, city size, economic and military power, technological level, etc.  It simply does not sit right if a smallish nation, which was previously a rural economy, claims to have cities of 20 million inhabitants, a full-blown space program, and an arsenal of nuclear intercontinental missiles!  We have had these in the past, and we are glad that we do not anymore!  Players must at all times maintain a reasonable level of realism regarding military strength and deployment.  Smaller or less developed nations will have corresponding military forces, unless specifically developed otherwise by the player over a period of time.  Deploying military forces can not be claimed to arrive on the other side of the planet within hours, especially naval and land forces!   Space programs should only be developed by the largest and most powerful nations, if at all.  If space is your thing, collaborate with as many other nations as possible.  It is not realistic that every nation has its own space program capable of launching into orbit!  Also, humor is a great part of the game, but hopefully countries on Vexillium are more than just a joke - many players take their nations very seriously, and so should you!  Avoid joke names and keep weird incidents aimed at being funny to a reasonable limit.

Although this game is played on a planet 'based on' earth, there should be no references to earth in the game!  For examples, English languages, and certain religions present on earth that not necessarily would be present on 'another planet' such as Vexillium, are "stylized" as "inglish", a language that originated in the Chriatianan province Ingalls, and "Cruistianity" (Christianity) and "Moun-ism" (Islam) on Vexillium, to cite just a few examples.   Please try to avoid likening elements of your nation to 'real world' events, systems, and personalities.  For example, when you present your currency, don't show an exchange rate to the US Dollar (incidentally, the Christiana Crown is identical to the US Dollar in the game, so you can use that!).  Don't say you have a political system based on the British Constitutional Monarchy.  Don't include events in your history that happened on earth, such as the 'Baroque' Period, Gutenberg's invention of the printing press, the world wars, "Marxism" (there was no Marx!), even the calender (on Vexillium, the year is 299, not 1999!) etc. - this is a parallel universe that does not know earth even exists!  Find a way to "stylize" these concepts, and explain them using <TECH> tags.
Previous history and disposition of territory:
This game has been ongoing for well over a year.  In the beginning, there was "virgin" land available for new players to join in, but at the advanced stage the game is currently in, every new player who would like to join the game has no choice but to take over territory which was before, or belonged to, another country, and has a previous history, which can not be ignored away.  We will help all new players by giving them all available background information which will enable them to find a creative way of transitioning the territory's "feel" and history into the nation they ultimately wish to create for themselves.  The point is, you can not start from scratch, but, with a little creativity and consideration for consistency, you can end up with the country you want, without stepping on the toes of the existing players who are aware of the previous events and history surrounding the territory.  As long as there is a good explanation as to "why" things changed from the previous player's nation, most anything can be changed, such as names, flags, even historical interpretations.  However, a reasonable level of continuity should be maintained at all times, especially in nations which were more developed at the time of takeover.  Ask senior players for assistance in compiling information about a territory's history.

Additional territory:
Existing member may apply for additional territory by preparing a proposal web site, which outlines the desired territory, and their plan for said territory.  A poll will determine whether or not the additional land is granted.  75% approval is required from all votes taken among members.  Planet Master has right to veto.  Player must utilize newly assigned territory as outlined in the approved proposal, or risk losing the territory.   Territory may also be transferred between nations by agreement between the players by notifying the PlanetMaster, and by putting a treaty online.  Territory shall not be transferred from a player who withdraws from the game to another just before the withdrawal.  The territory shall instead re-enter the pool of available land.

Rules of praticipation:

Planet Master holds all rights to participation - membership in Vexillium is a privilege, not a right!

This is a serious game, and new players should not apply unless you are serious about playing it.  Too many players in the past joined the game, and then just fell silent.  We want active players in this game, not just rulers who 'take up space'.  Territory is precious on Vexillium!  Please don't join if you don't plan to stay in the game actively!

Admission of new players and membership policy:
Aspiring players shall contact the Assistant Planet Master as to the availability of territory.  A suitable territory shall be determined together.  Aspiring players should inform the APM as to what sort of nation they would like to run.  The APM will then make a recommendation and an alternate recommendation based on the disposition of the various available territories of Vexillium.
The aspiring player will prepare a proposal web page, outlining their ideas and rough framework of the nation they intend to run, taking into consideration the previous history of their territory and recent events on the planet, which can be followed over the eGroups Vexillium mailing list and archive.
The aspiring player shall publish the address of the proposal web site and request a review thereof by the current member-players.
The member-players of Vexillium will review the proposal and conduct a poll on eGroups as to whether or not the candidate's application should be approved based on their proposal web site.
75% favorable rating of all total votes cast is required for the approval of the candidate's proposal.  Planet Master holds powers of veto at any time.
Upon approval of proposal web site, the candidate shall then prepare a preliminary framework of the web site intended to be built for their respective nation, featuring elements typically found on the web sites of Vexillium's nations, such as general information on their nation's government, history, economy, geography, flags, maps, diplomatic seals, sports teams, and the like.  Assistant planet master will review this web site and issue preliminary approval.
Upon APM's preliminary web site approval, the candidate will be admitted to the game on a 3-month probational basis, during which they are subject to scrutiny from the member-players of Vexillium.  During this 3-month probational period, the new player will complete to a reasonable degree their nation's web site to include the items traditionally featured in order to properly represent their nation in the showcase of countries on Vexillium.  The new player will also actively participate and interact in the game according to the conventions.
Should the new player fail to create a satisfactory web site, follow the traditional conventions of the game, and/or sustain a reasonable level of activity, their probational membership can be revoked through another poll of all member-players.  75% approval rating of the new player will be required to keep their probational membership in good standing.  Planet Master holds rights to veto at any time.
After the successful completion of the 3-month probational period, including web site, the new player will be admitted as full member-player henceforth.
Any member-player who exhibits consistent conduct contrary to the traditional conventions of the game may be expelled by the Planet Master and/or through a poll of all the member-players.  A majority of 50%,  is required amongst all the votes to revoke membership, or the expellation verdict by the Planet Master.  Expelled members may re-apply in the future after a minimum period of 3 months after expellation, following the above outlined procedures.
No player shall be denied membership in the game based on their nationality, religion, political view, race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc.  Players must, however, have reasonable command of the English language, and sufficient web-design skills to create their nation's web site.  RESPECT IS RULE ONE.  No obscenities and personal insults are allowed!

Participation in Vexillium is by approval through member vote only.


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